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La Rochelle  "Belle et Rebelle" - France



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Mommy and Jessie-26 November 2005



There's not much to tell about me...I live a very quiet life in Ohio with my husband Tom and my beautiful Border Collie-Jessie.. 
I have 2 wonderful sons, Jack and Rick .
Jack moved from New York to California, in June 2003, and Rick lives in Tennessee with his wife, Sherri,  and 3 beautiful grandsons,  Jason 13, John, 8
and Jack, born Sept 21, 2006....We do visit as often as we can...
but I do miss them very very much..
I was born in a very tiny little village in France-called Serigny-
you won't find it on any maps...that's how small it is....It has its own school, 
a bakery ....that's about it.. 
Below are the only 2 postcards I found of Serigny...
I have no idea how old they are.... 

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birthplace2.jpg (79535 bytes) birthplace-serigny.jpg (73138 bytes)

Above are 2 pictures of the house where I was born


When I made this web site I lived in Ohio... Early September 2009,
 we decided to move to Knoxville, TN, to be close to our children and Grandchildren.



 I had 5 brothers -two passed away -one in January 2005 and the other July 2006- and one sister.  They all  live in France...
They live in either Marans or Serigny.  Marans is about 2 miles
north of Serigny.  Marans  is a nice little town, with a population of about 4,500.
It has its own website-

After I graduated from high school,  my mom and I moved to La Rochelle.
La Rochelle is an old city located on the Atlantic coast, about 300 miles South West of Paris,  with a beautiful harbor guarded by two 14th century towers-
La Tour de La Chaine  et la Tour St Nicholas .  La Rochelle was under English rule from 1360 to 1453.  Many Anglo-Saxon traditions remained and the city became a Protestant stronghold .  When Cardinal Richelieu resolved to crush the Huguenots, La Rochelle fell after a siege of 14 months  (1627-1628).
La Rochelle has a population of over 80,000.  I always like to take a trip to
La Rochelle every time I go visit my family and besides, my son Jack was born in La Rochelle.. my son Rick was born in Poitiers, also in France..


I have lived in the United States for many years now and I love it here...I have lived in Ft Knox, Kentucky for about 18 months, then  in Augusta, Georgia for 3 years.  and back to Ohio where we now live.  I love to travel and visited quite a few places...some I would love to visit again.
I have visited , of course, La Rochelle and its surroundings.  La Venise Verte, Les Chateaux de la Loire, La Vendee, the French Riviera,  Pyrenees, French Britany (La Bretagne),  Alsace and of course I have been in Paris...I have also been to
Lourdes and would love to go back....I have also traveled to London, Italy
(visited Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples), Switzerland, Austria and I lived in Germany for 3 years while my husband was in the military...
I have been to Niagara Falls twice (both in Canada and the US), Washington DC, New York, been to Florida-my favorite city, St Augustine also visited Kennedy Space Center. I visited Charleston, and Hilton Head, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia .  I have been to California (twice) and visited  Yosemite National Park (it is so beautiful I would love to go back), Sequoia National Park, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno and other areas of California, Tennessee where I visited the Smokies, Knoxville and Greeneville.  I have been to Winnipeg and Winnipeg Beach in Manitoba, Canada.  I just got back from a trip to Louisiana, New Orleans (briefly-love to spend more time there), Morgan City where I saw my first "swamp".  Then we went on to Texas .  I visited  San Antonio, The Alamo and the beautiful "River Walk".  Went on to Austin and Galveston. 
I hope to add to this list.........

I  am now an American Citizen  and proud to be....even though I am still French in many ways...I still speak English with a French accent, which sometime gets me into trouble...lol
When I go home, everyone tells me I speak French with a "Yankee" accent..
I just can't win!!!!!!

I love America and I love it here in Ohio...I enjoy baseball and I love my Cincinnati Reds....
I enjoy going to the ballpark...Rick has taken me a few times and I really have "a ball" when we go!!!!!
I love to read and listen to music-mostly Classical, New Age and Pop.
I like to work in my yard, I love Roses, but I enjoy anything that blooms...I also like to take walks with Jessie and I also used to paint Ceramic ....but now I spend most of my free time on the computer, learning how to make web pages, graphics etc ...I have 3 other sites listed in my own domain

Welcome To My Misty Rose
I know it is confusing but "My Misty Rose" is more like a book cover...
the 4 URLs listed below are  my actual sites

In Memory of Misty
Jessie's Paw
America Is Mourning
Welcome to Morningside





Tom and I-at Rick and Sherri's wedding, November 2, 2002



My son Jack who lives in New York
I took this picture in 
Rockefeller Estate Park
October 2001


Jack has  moved
to California
 in June, 2003




This is my son Rick
who lives in Knoxville, TN
July 4, 2002

Rich and Sherri
were married
November 2, 2002



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