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Little Tippy
June 4th,1994-March 26th, 2006





I had my little Tippy for 11 1/2 years and he was always happy to see me when I came home from work. Tippy had such a unique personality and was especially great about giving me lots of hugs and kisses. He had a very special talent for knowing when it was time to eat and when he was hungry he would pull on your pant leg to get your attention. I was very lucky to have 11 years of his love until at the end he got really sick.
 Tippy was diagnosed with congested heart failure and his kidneys started to fail. I was very fortunate to spend his last 2 weeks with him before he passed away. The last night before he passed away he said his goodbyes with lots of extra hugs. I believe Tippy knew that it was his time to leave us and that he knew we did everything we could do make him as comfortable as possible. Every since Tippy has passed away, there is such an emptiness in my heart. He gave me so much love and many fond memories which I will cherish forever.
 I will always miss my little Tippy.



In loving memory of my faithful friend,
Tippy you will always be in my heart
and forever missed,
but never be forgotten.





Dearest Friend

I Lost My Dearest Friend Today,
No Finer Could Be Found.
My Love For You Is Utmost True,
It Has No Endless Bound.
So Hard To Say
"Goodbye" To You,
Forever, Trusting, Friend,
I'll Keep You In My Memories,
I Promise Till The End.

In Loving Memory of Tippy
June 4th, 1994 - March 26th,2006





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I dedicate this page to Carol and family
  as a memorial and tribute to their "Little Tippy"


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