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Hecla Island-Manitoba, Canada- Renee Buchanan (August 2004)



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"My Bull Terrier Soulmate"

"Apollo Hoel"



{Ex  Davis}
Feb.11, 1988-Nov. 12, 1999
Bull Terrier


Pet Obituary/Memorium

It is with profound sadness and broken  hearts
that we announce the passing of our best friend,
beloved companion and  "adopted son and brother",
Apollo creed of Kokush, C.D., FbDCh, on Friday,
November 12, 1999 in the arms of his mom and dad
at the age of 12 years.
Apollo chose his mom at 7 weeks when he raced across the floor and jumped into her lap with plenty of kisses to spare.
That was to be the beginning of a long and rewarding
companionship. We will remember his frequent rips
around the house in tandem with his then teacher Rachel,
a Boston Terrier.
Apollo loved to dance, especially to calypso music and
pulling rope with his favorite blue bomber, #52
Michael Gray.   Visits to our hairdresser, Donna and his
monthly massages from Elda were also highlights of his life.
At the CIA obedience school he was a keen learner
and thanks to teachers, Laurie Thompson, Gord Roberts,
and Val TReith, and judges Gail Carroll (Brandon)
and Pat Scully (new York) he achieved his CKC companion
dog designation in June of 1990.
For his efforts he received his C.D. certification from
the CKC and was recognized by the Bull Terrier Club of
America with a beautiful bronze medallion and
certificate of achievement.
Apollo also participated in team obedience with three
other dogs and his antics, although the team always passed,
often brought a chuckle from the crowd from time to time.
Although at an early age he suffered a spiral fracture
of one of his back legs, thanks to the care of r. Ron Worb
and his staff at Anderson Animal Hopsital, Apollo was able
to train in the sport of flyball.  With the dedication of
Kevin Hughes of Allsorts Dogsports, Apollo set the record of
being the first flyball Bull Terrier champion in North America
in 1992 during a tournament in Minneapolis.  He appeared in two half time bomber shows as well as numerous shows at
the Forks and elsewhere in the city.  He was the last remaining member of the Allsorts Dogsports Boyz team.   In later years
with the Can Do Obedience Club he appeared as an old timer in flyball, which saw him go down over the jumps, get the ball and run back around the jumps much to the crowd's delight.
Unfortunately although ready to compete for his 2nd Obedience Degree, a flyballinjury sidelined him in the prime of his life.
Our thanks to Dr. Moffatt and Dr. John Wiens for getting his shoulder back to as normal as possible.
Apollo also loved agility and the 6' wall was his favorite.
in the days og the Pit-Bull scare, Apollo was featured in one of
the community newspapers looking over his shoulder at his shirt, which read "I am not a Pit Bull"!
Wherever he went at any demonstrations he was much sought
after for photo shoots with children of all ages and he delighted in all the attention.  Apollo was truly one of a kind and his absence leaves a large gap in our hearts and family.
Our profound thanks goes out to Dr. Murray Moffatt and his wonderful compassionate staff at Transcona Veterinary Hospital who tried in vain to extend his life, but nature unfortunately would not allow this to happen.  If you ever hear the songs "Have I Ever Told You Lately That I Love You" by Rod Stewart and "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole, think of Apollo because that is what he meant to us.
Anyone wishing to preserve his memory may make a donation
in his name to the Winnipeg Humane Society.


Mom, Dad, Sara, Zygee and Bandit





"Wyke's Whispering Mother Sara"
by Sharon & Bob

"Sara Hoel"


{Ex Davis}
Nov. 30, 1989-Oct. 27, 2001
Bull Terrier


(This story was written shortly after the passing
 of our beloved "adopted daughter" Sara)

On October 27th, 2001, we sadly said a sudden good-bye to our second bull Terrier, Wyke's Whispering Sara, C.G.C. who had cancer.  Our hearts are broken at the loss of our beloved daughter, sister and companion.  She is now at the Rainbow Bridge frolicking with her brother Apollo, her sister Rachel and Apollo's friend Whitey (Littleman).  She passed away peacefully in the arms of her mom and dad at the age of 12 years.  Sara knew it was time to say good-bye, it was that look in her eyes that told us so.  Sara entered my life at the age of 4 months.  She was the runt of her litter and fought with the help of her breeders Percy and Eddie Hailstone to live.  Thanks to their care, I was able to adopt this young lady in April of 1989.  She came home and immediately fitted right in with her brother Apollo, another Bull Terrier and her sister Rachel, a  Terrier.
 As an aside to this story, Sara just met her littermate brother, Tully, who predeceased her by one month, this past May at our annual Great Manitoba Dog Party.
We always do the breed display for the Bull Terriers and Boston Terriers and the dogs absolutely love the thousands pf people who come to visit them and find out about what great pets they are.
We hope next year she will be with us in spirit and we know many people who will be asking where she is.
Back to the story.
Whereas the other two, Apollo and Rachel, were crazy, Sara was and always has been for the most part a timid little lady, very laid back and was like a ghost she was so quiet!
We attended obedience school, but that was really not her thing.  We did manage to get one leg towards her Companion Dog Degree,
but then between us we blew the other two we needed to get her degree.  After a long talk we decided to drop obedience and she became a couch potato!  However, one memorable moment in her life was the day she met all the Winnipeg Jets.  We were driving out of the parking lot pf a local restaurant when the players were coming out.  They insisted we stop the car and that she get out and oh my goodness, had I known the Jets were leaving Winnipeg for good, we could have had her t-shirt signed by all the big name players.  Theythought she was wonderful.  When they asked her name I told them it was not Blue, but Sara and that she really liked football better!
In the job I do I travel a lot and I used to take her with me and take her into the office.  She was always a favorite with our clientele, even the ones who were mad at having to pay tickets, when they saw her they forgot about their woes, paid their ticket and went away happy.  I wrote an article which was printed in our Justus Newsletter on Sara's Day at the Morden Court Office and how she seemed to have the innate capability of sensing when there was tension at the front counter when irate clients came in and she always seemed to diffuse the situation by drawing their attention away from business at hand.  I posed the question in this article, wondering if there was a place for dogs at work in situations like this and also to assist employees in helping them to relieve the stress in the jobs we find ourselves in these days.  I often took her to work with me and she would sleep happily by my desk and I always loved to take a minute or two to reach down and touch her or give her a kiss or go for a quick walk.  On amother occasion we took her camping.  She was not fond of the boat and fishing, but sure did love the campfires and cookouts. We went for a walk one night and she was off leash as it was late in the season and the campground was pretty well empty.  All of a sudden a baby started to cry, and Sara took off like a bat running towards the tent where the baby was crying and no amount of calling her back helped.  Next thing we knew she was in the tent and all of a sudden there was no crying!  When we got to the tent the people were petting her and the baby was watching her intently and she was licking his tears away.
The people asked if they could keep her for awhile that night until the baby went to sleep, and for the week we camped there she was their babysitter!!  When I got married in 1996, I now had to share her with Bob and she loved him dearly.  He could get her going with her bully broncs and rips just by giving her loud pats on the sides,
boy did she perform for him.  It was like a different dog and when we got another Bull Terrier from the Hailstones, the two of them used to race like crazy in the back yard.  After losing Rachel who was 12 at the time of her demise, we waited a whole year before getting another Boston and when we did we brought home Bandit.  At the time Bandit was only 7 weeks old and weighed all of 3 ozs.
Well Sara didn't know what to make of this new addition so she stayed in her house for nearly two weeks only coming out to go outside.  One day Bandit followed her back into her cage and sat here looking at her and all of a sudden they were the best of friends and she began to mother him, making sure he was bathed every night.  She sure didn't like having a bath or having her nails clipped and if you did either you didn't see her for a couple of days!!  That was her way of expressing her disapproval over these indignities.  Well we added two more Bostons so now we had three Bostons and two Bullies.  Sara loved to run with the Bostons who were chasing each other, but she always ran after them thinking she was in the game and oh how she took care of each of them.  They all got baths each night, even
Zyggee, thus we began to call her Mother Sara, and really this combined with the two examples above backs up her claim to fame of being a mother figure.  We moved to Winnipeg Beach permanently in 1999 and oh how she loved it here.  She and the Bostons would run and run until they dropped, Zyggee would join in on occasion and it was fun when Zyggee would stalk Sara and pounce on her and the race was on.  We would sit there for hours and watch them play.
Sara also lived for her Kong.  We hope they have Kongs at the Bridge for she sure loved her Kong  But balls are great too and so are tug toys!!  However, Sara would grab hold her Kong or ball and then come up and tease you, getting you to try and take it from her, which of course with her set of teeth was impossible.  On occasion you got lucky and got it to throw, but not often.  She had a wonderful summer and fall this year playing with her sisters and brothers and her Kong, and it was only a few weeks before she died that a lump came up so suddenly out of no where and we discovered she had cancer.  The memory of her wonderful summer and fall is what we carry with us now, a month after she passed away.  On what would have been her 12th birthday, Nov. 30th, 2001, we went down to the Boardwalk to her plank and said happy birthday Mother Sara.  She and I are both Sagittarians and I sure found it hard to celebrate my birthday this year without her.
Although we still have 3 Bostons and 1 Bull Terrier and a kitty cat, the house seems empty with her passing.  She was a true character, a real tease and she loved the boys (dogs) even though most of the ones she seemed to take a shine too had no interest in her at all, but that did not deter her affections for them and she never gave up trying when a new beau would come along!  One night when we were just coming to the beach for the weekend we arrived very late and it was very dark.  Sara jumped out of the car and un known to us ran over to visit her boyfriend next door Coyote.  We were certainly frantic trying to find her until we realized where she probably would be and sure enough we found her with Coyote and poor Sara, Coyote wasn't the least bit interested in her!!  She often snuck over to visit with him, but with the same results from Coyote!!!  She was a treasure and a joy in our life right up to the end, and we will never forget all her characteristics.

Rest in peace Mother Sara, we miss you so badly.

If anyone would like to preserve her memory please make a donation in her name either to In Memory of Pets, or to the Winnipeg Humane Society.

If you hear the song "What a Wonderful World" please think of Mother Sara as that was certainly her outlook on life.  She lived life to the fullest.
Our deepest thanks to Dr. Moffatt and his staff for their care and compassion" I don't know what we would ever do without them.
Until we meet again Sara. we send you all our love,
hugs and kisses from Mom, Dad, Z
yggee, Bandit, Whitney, Derek and Big Redd.
We know you are watching over us, being our guardian angel.

Your remembrances are all around us and we will never ever forget.







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I dedicate this page to my dear friends Sharon and Bob
in memory of  their beloved Apollo and Sara



This page belongs to Renee
My Misty Rose