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"Shaver Lake, California"-October 2003

Cindy, Rolf and Mandy belonged to my dear friend of many years, Ruth....this is a special  page as a tribute to her furbabies.
All three of them were dearly loved and sorely missed. 





Cindy was our first daschound.  She was "daddys girl".  
She had 5 adorable puppies and was so proud of them.  
We all loved her so much and missed her so when she died.


A Pet's Prayer to St. Peter

I have travelled far to reach this Pearly Gate
But I do not want to wander beyond this place
I just need to rest awhile for my friend I wait

Please let them know I love them still
Let them know that I understand
what they did they did with love

With my body gone my spirit flew
on the wings of a dove
to my Creator's Heaven above

Now I ask that I may wait
I will lay quietly here by the gate
For if I entered now without my friend
it wouldn't be Heaven at all

Written by John Quealy




Rolf was Cindy's son.  He was the runt of the litter and had 
"funny fur".  He knew the name of all his toys.  He was so smart and  friendly.  He was "mammas boy" but loved everyone, and everyone loved him.





Mandy was given to us by our children for Christmas after Rolf died.
She was different from the other two daschounds.  She was very
mischievous.  When I would be on the phone, she would find something naughty to do.  One time she devoured a whole leather glove.  Of the three, she lived the longest.  She did mellow with age and we loved her very much.





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"Heaven of Beauty"
Original by JMC "Jalal's Musical Compositions"


This page belongs to Renee
My Misty Rose