To Ronnie, my beautiful and loving friend, as a tribute to her beloved
Muffin and Buttons


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Our Furry Princess Child




Our family moved from New Jersey to Houston (where we still live) in 1976. I was having a hard time with the move and when we found Muffin she was a Godsend. She was just a little mutt, she only weighted 3 pounds and she could sit in the palm of my hand ! While it's true I saved her life, she also saved mine, I would have never adjusted to Houston without her. She was my best friend, my fur daughter, my "princess", my everything.
She was the most wonderful fur sister to Sean and Heather. Muffin had kidney problems and died of kidney failure in 1985, too soon for such a beautiful, loving baby. She was only nine ! I thought my life would never be the same and in many ways it never was. My Buttons, however, came into my life and helped me in 1985. He climbed into my heart and will be there always, right alongside my fur princess, my Muffin. The hole both of you left in my heart is so big, how will I ever fill it? 

I will always love you


To My wonderful Family


I came to you, a while back, a long long time ago,
I was such a little tiny girl, but I knew you loved me so...
The Good Lord sent me, you know that, he knew you needed me,
I put the sparkle, back in your life, as a family we were meant to be... 

I lived with you, for nine great years, and I loved you very much,
And though I am not with you now, I still feel your gentle touch...
You spoiled me, but I was good, I loved my puppy toy,
I did what the Good Lord wanted me to, I filled your hearts with joy... 

I know you miss me very much, and of course I miss you too,
But when you think of me, think happy thoughts, and please do not be blue...
Remember all the fun we had, and how I slept with you each night,
I'll live forever in your heart, even thought I'm out of sight...

Just remember my dear family, you'll see me again someday,
But for now I'm here with my pal Buttons, and to all of you we say...
We are living at the Rainbow Bridge, in the meadows oh so green,
We are free of pain, and young again, and we live like kings and queens...

I miss the times we had back then, in our very happy home,
But dear family, I am happy here, in this beautiful place I roam...
And you know some day, when the time is right, you will see me again,
I'll be playing in the meadows green, and I'll look around the bend...

I will see you there, waiting by the Bridge, and I'll run to your embrace,
I will jump into, your waiting arms, and put kisses on your face...
We will be together, for eternity, never again to be apart,
But until that time, just remember this, I'll be the glow you feel in your heart...

I have work to do, up here at the Bridge, as I watch you from above,
I'm protecting you, I'm your guardian angel, and I send you all my love...
I will keep you safe, as the days go by, just remember all along,
That I love you all, and I'll wait for you, then we'll sing a happy song..

All my love....Muffin

This was written in 1999 for Ronnie, in loving memory of Muffin,
 by Karen Franklin



On December 9, 1985 we lost our dog (my furry child) due to kidney failure.
 We thought she’d have a few weeks more, but unfortunately, she left us very quickly. The night before she died, my 15 year old son went into his room and wrote this poem for our Muffin.  



By Sean Cusack


Oh Muffin, Oh Muffin how we love you so
 The way you bring our emotions up when we’re feeling low
You bring us so much joy that we can conceive
And when it comes to loving you we sure do believe
From the tip of your dripping gumdrop nose
To the end of your loving silky white toes

Oh Muffin, Oh Muffin how we love you so
You brought your Mommy up when she was down in the pits
And to that we rewarded you with some Kibbles and Bits
The way your whiskers are a beautiful white and black
And who could not want to give them a BIG KISS SMACK
Whose teeth add character and need to seek braces
Your beautiful silhouette is the best out of any other faces

Oh Muffin, Oh Muffin how we love you so
You’re everyone’s friend and not anyone’s foe
The way you love your pillows and find ways to fit between a crack
A great sense of emotion and character you surely don’t lack
How you find a way to put a smile on anyone’s face
And look so beautiful in white eyelet lace
And how you get so nervous at the sound of the word "bath"
Your great brilliance would earn you an A-plus in math
You love so much to go for a long beautiful walk

Oh God, what would you say if you had a chance to talk?
If you had a chance, you would sacrifice your life for our Mom or our Dad
What a wonderful life with you we all shared
Oh Muffin, Oh Muffin we wish you could live on forever
In our hearts and our soul forever you will be remembered.





In Loving Memory
September 26, 1985-July 8, 1998


We lost our beautiful furry child Buttons (a Lhasa Apso) on July 8, 1998. Our hearts are broken.


Let me tell you about my precious baby boy. Buttons was the sweetest, most gentle and lovable furry child in the world. He only wanted to be held, cuddled and kissed twenty four hours a day. He even slept on my pillow for 12 1/2 years. He brought so much joy and pleasure into our life, as well as others.

All the children in the neighborhood actually would ring our bell and ask to come in just to play with our Buttons. He was everyone's friend. I take care of many children and he was always so very gentle with all of them. He would just kiss them constantly.

Buttons, unfortunately, got cancer and we had to put him to sleep on July 8, 1998. I just can't seem to get through all of this but am hoping that someday, we will be together at the Rainbow Bridge. I just want to see him again, have him run to me and look up at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and lick me all over.

I miss "cuddling" my precious baby. He was always there for me. Every time I would even cry, Buttons was there to kiss away my tears.

I miss my Buttons more than anyone could ever imagine. He was my life and I feel so empty and alone now.

My sweet baby boy, your Mommy and Daddy miss you so very much. You will be in our heart forever and ever.

Run and play my love, be free of pain and wait for me. I will be with you one day and we will hold one another so close and kiss and cuddle each other for all eternity!!!

Oh Buttons, how very much you are missed. My tears are filling up the ocean.

Sleep softly with the Angels my love. Until we are together again,

Love you forever and ever,
Mommy & Daddy









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