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The house where I was born and grew up in France
La maison ou je suis nee en France...
2005-©Jack Buchanan
My son took this picture when we visited last year.
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Cette page est faite spécialement pour mon frère et ma belle-soeur
a la mémoire de leur petite chienne adorée-Jessie.


I dedicate this page to my Brother and Sister in Law, who live in France,
as a tribute and memorial to their beloved "Jessie".
Jessie was their loving and devoted little companion for 12 years
 and losing her broke their hearts.  Making this special memorial page
is my way of showing them my love and also my way
 of grieving with them.
I love you and miss you!

With great sadness and a broken heart I now grieve the loss
of my beloved brother who went to Heaven July 3rd, 2007.


2 Mai 1994-27 Avril 2006
Numero Immatriculation-SEZ 366
Eleveur Brossier Fantenelles
45260 Lorris-France





A l'aube de ses douze ans, Jessie nous à quittée, laissant un grand vide et du désarroi pour toute la famille. Elle nous a accompagnée pendant ses années,
de sa tendresse et fidelité, et de son amour pour ses maîtres.

Nous ne l'oublierons pas et dans notre cœur, elle aura toujours sa place, celle d'une petite chienne aimante et très sociable envers tout les gens qui la côtoyait.

 Merci Jessie du bonheur que tu nous à donné.

Roger et Pierrette





In Memory Of My Best Friend

I will miss you my dear friend,
Our time together had to end.
I had you in my life so many years,
And in the end cried many tears.
My life will never be the same,
The angels wanted you, I can lay no blame.
The joy you brought me, they wanted too.
One day they would come for you, that I knew.

I will always cherish our love and bond,
And try to accept that you're gone.
In my heart you'll always stay,
And I'll feel your love for me day by day.

Know that you're my best friend,
And in time my heart will mend.
I love you so very much,
And forever our hearts will touch.

Vicki Martin









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"Plaisir D'Amour"
From my CD "Romantic Moments" by André Rieu


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