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Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you......
I loved you so
'twas Heaven here with you.



Remington Ross AKA Remmie the Rebel
March 18, 1996 -April 10, 2009



Where do I start. It would have to be 13 years ago, when I first laid eyes on my precious Remmie.
You were just 6 weeks old. My friend let me take you home that day, since she knew I was a breeder and could take care of you,
All the way home you laid on my chest and just kissed me, I knew then, that this precious baby would be my soul mate forever. From that night on you laid on my pillow when I went to sleep.
You became famous on the web when my dear friend Marsha sent your "Remmie the Rebel"  picture into a contest and you won.  From there you went on to having your own award for good dog web pages, your own fan club, writing a column in my news letter, having your photo contest's for your friends, and to traveling all over the world with your #1 lady Sassy who you finally married on February 14, 2009.
You produced more then 200 precious babies in your life and made so many people happy.
Everyone that met you loved you. You were just 4 1/2 lbs but you ruled this house and all the other dogs knew that, but they all loved you.
I will miss you more than words can say.   There is a hole in my heart that no other dog will ever fill.
You got sick so fast and in 2 days I had to let you go, If I could have given 10 years of my own life to have you live longer, I would have done that.
When I go to sleep now, I still put my arm up on my pillow to pat you, but you are not there.
I know you are once again healthy and probably partying away in Rainbow Bridge with so many of your brothers and sisters that are there and your many friends.
We buried you in our back yard and made a grave site you would be proud of.
I know you would not want me to keep crying over you, but it will take time.  You were my soul mate and my #2 man in my life.  It will take time.
All my Love-Mommie




I'll Remember You


I'll remember you,
when the summer turns to fall.
When all the leaves turn brown,
inside my heart will always recall.

I'll remember you,
when the fall, turns to winter cold,
Never to forget you, through the years,
when I may grow weary and old.

I'll remember you,
when, the winter turns to spring.
As the flowers begin to blossom,
and the bird's sweet song, they sing.

Through the lazy days of summer.
Throughout the seasons each and every year,
I'll remember you...
inside my heart, so vividly clear!

by......Katie Klopfer








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