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Misty's gift for you...
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These are very special gifts to Misty on her second anniversary at Rainbow Bridge.  They mean a lot to me- Thank you


Thank you Simone for this  beautiful gift...it touches me very deeply


Thank you Dot for this very special gift-


Thank you Vickie, Angel Abbey and Angel Tiger for this very special gift...






To Misty:

Not a day goes by that your mom doesn't think of you.
The love you gave her is immeasurable,
the joy you brought irreplaceable.
Are you happy and healthy now?
Is there really a greater place for you to run and play in?
Did God have a greater plan in mind for you when He called you home?
No one really knows what God's plan is regarding our loved "little ones"
but surely He meant for them to comfort us
by giving the love and loyalty that is lacking all too often
in our fellow human beings.
If that is the case, Misty,
your mom's life has been immeasurably brightened,
although, like Camelot, it was for an all too brief and shining moment.
Perhaps it is our duty to extend to other people
that spark of undiminished love we have been lucky enough to receive
from our so-called "dumb" animals.
You and your mom had such wonderful times together, Misty love.
Just not enough time - although, no amount of time is enough.
Always remember precious Misty, that your mom will always love you.
Misty, you stole a piece of your mom's heart the day you came into her life and that piece went with you when you went home.
The day will come when you both are reunited again, never to be parted.

Written by
Noreen M. Fitzgerald and Mac Fitzgerald

Thank you Noreen and Mac for this beautiful letter to my precious little girl










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"Till We Meet Again"
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This page was created June 19, 2001
on the second anniversary of Misty at Rainbow Bridge