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Greeneville, Tennessee, 2006-©Renee Buchanan
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Sept 12th 1991-April 18th 2006
In loving memory of our Pugsly who we love so much.
 Pugsly will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.



My sister Grace Barlett asked me to send you a picture of her beloved dog Pugsly.
Pugsly was my dog Spot's puppy (Spot was a Border collie, and Pugsly was a Border Collie German Shepherd mix)
 Pugsly not only leaves behind her lifelong owner (my sister) Grace, but also leaves behind her companion, a female dachshound named 'Noodle'.
Pugsly will be missed indeed by everyone.



The following poem was written by Grace's brother, John Wheeler
especially for Pugsly.




Remember in the darkest night
The morning must come too
It brings with it the bright sunshine
And honey sweetened dew

And though you feel that you're alone
I'm always in your heart
Don't let the night be end of all
Let morning be the start

Your days should be a welcome friend
Your nights of peaceful sleep
And though I am away from you
Please try hard not to weep

Remember me as I once was
The times we shared so few
Please know that somewhere up above
I'm smiling down on you

Copyright 2006 By Johnny Wheeler










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I dedicate this page to Grace
In memory of  her beloved Pugsly



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"You and Me"
This midi is performed by ©Yuko Ohigashi.  To find out more about this young talented pianist and composer, please click on her banner displayed above. 
Her music may ONLY be used with her permission.



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