Celtic Fitzgerald


 March 6, 1991  -  March 26, 1999
 West Highland White Terrier


"A Love Letter from Mac to Celtic"

(Together Forever )

Hi Celtic,

Our human companion and I just came back from nanny's and pops' this
morning. We spent the holiday weekend there. Pops took me out for
walks and nanny kept rubbing me. I met a little white dog yesterday.
She was nice but she wasn't you. I started remembering when we first met.
The humans brought me into this room where I saw you and a human.
You came right over to me. I could see that you had an operation on your
leg but you still let me jump all over you. It was love at first sight
for me. I was hoping that you would take me home. Then the humans took
me away and I thought that you didn't like me. They brushed me and then
they brought me back to you and I was so happy as you were taking me to
your house! That night was kind of scary but you kept coming over to me
and kissing me. You even let me play with your toys.
As time went on, we became inseparable. You let me sleep next to you
and sit with you and every Friday when we had to have our baths I would
hide and you would come and get me and I knew that it wouldn't be so
bad. When the noise from the sky would come you would let me sit next
to you and help me make it through the awful sound. I wasn't so scared
when you were around. Since you have gone I try to be brave so our
human companion doesn't get upset. I hate to see her cry! Remember
how we would chase each other around the house? Now, I don't want to
play anymore. Our human companion tries to coax me into playing but
it's not the same as chasing and jumping on you.
Then one day, our human companion started crying. I knew you didn't
feel so good but I didn't know what was wrong. She kept bringing us to
the doctor and he was always checking you out. Then you went away for a
few days and I was miserable. Our human companion was always crying. I
tried to comfort her like you always did but she still cried. Then you
came home but you weren't better. You had lost so much weight and you
didn't even want your treats! Remember how I used to sit by my treat
and let you try to get it? As soon as you got close enough, I would eat
it. I'm sorry now that I didn't give you my treats. If you come back
to me, I'll let you have all the treats in the world.
I miss you so much!
It's not the same anymore with you gone.
We went back to the doctor and he lifted you onto the table. I didn't
like being there so I went outside. Our human companion stayed with you
and then after a long time she came out alone. You were not with her.
I waited for you at the front door when we got home but you didn't come
back. Our human companion tried to tell me what was wrong but I didn't
understand what she was saying.
Then she brought me to see you. It was a nice room, they let me come
in. You were in a nice box on a table. I knew the minute I walked into
the room that you were there! I started to jump up and down, my Celtic
came back to me! Our human companion lifted me up and let me kiss
you. You were sleeping and you had your lovely bow in your hair. I was
so happy to see you but something was different.
 Then I realized that you had left me.
Your ashes now sit on the entertainment cabinet next to Vixon. I miss
you so much! I don't want another companion in my life, I just want you
to come home to me.
Our human companion is always sad. She gives me plenty of love and she
takes me nearly everywhere. I don't get too lonely when she is at work
cause your stuff is still around the house. I sleep on your bed and
think of you. The toys we played with are still around the house so I
can play with them and remember you. When she comes home at night, we
go to the park and on weekends we go to the park in the mornings and in
the evenings. I like to hang out with her. She lets me sit on her lap
whenever I want and she is always petting and kissing me.
Don't worry my beloved Celtic, I will take care of our human companion
for you the way you did. When she is sad and lonely, I will go to he
I will make sure no one hurts her and I will watch out for strangers.
don't even hide anymore when it's time for my bath.
Celtic, I know that you are watching over us and I hope that when it is
my time, our human companion will have the same strength and love to set
me free to join you. Then we will be together again.

Till then my beloved companion, watch over us and know that you are
always in our hearts. Until we meet again my beloved companion,

I love you so!

Mac Fitzgerald






This page is dedicated to my friend Noreen
in memory of Celtic and Mac




Mac Fitzgerald



March 31, 1992  -  October 16, 2003
Scott Terrier




You are my friend, my partner, my confidante, my companion,
 my defender,  my baby, my life.
The devotion you showed me was immeasurable.
You patiently waited at the window till I came home
 and greeted me with such enthusiasm. 
Never venturing far from my side.
You always seemed to know when people needed your comfort
 and you gave of yourself with an open heart
You are continuing your journey to a glorious new life
 with your companions, Celtic and Vixon.
Samuel Butler wrote: "The great pleasure of a dog
 is that you may make a fool of yourself with him
 and not only will he not scold you but he will make a fool of himself too."
Mac, you proved the above statement true
My heart will always have holes in it until I meet with you again
 That will be the time when we are re-united, never to be parted again.

Love never fades, 
it transcends time and space,
as my love for you will.








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