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Do Not Mourn My Passing

Do not mourn my passing
 for if you could only see
by slipping all my earthly  bonds, 
I'm young again and free.
By day I run the Heavenly fields, 
my body healthy and strong
At night I sleep at Angels' Feet, 
lulled by Celestial Song.
So do not mourn my passing, 
just close your eyes - you'll see
I'm once again that frisky pup, 
just as you remember me.
Author Unknown










Mirette was my very first dog  when I was a little girl, this was a very long time ago, during WWII.  I have no idea when she was born or how we got her- she died in 1946....she was just a small black and white mutt...but she was my best friend...when I was afraid she was right there for me .  I do not have a picture of her, just my memories... One incident has remained vivid in my thoughts... our village was invaded by the Germans , and after they began to blow the bridges around , we left on foot, through the farmland-this was in August or September 1944.  We had no idea where we would end up and I couldn't take  my little dog with me .. it broke my heart....a few days later, my brother swam across the canal to join us, carrying his bicycle and tucked away on his chest,  my beloved little dog.. She lived through the turmoil of war with me..
We came back to our home in June 1945, after the war was over....about a year later someone poisoned my little friend...I'll never forget that day...
I loved you then and I still love you now.  The memories of you will always live in my heart...













We bought Necco in France in 1964...he grew up to be a beautiful 50 pounds king size black poodle. He was very smart, very loyal and one of the best watch dog we ever had...he knew how to open doors, open the refrigerator, peel a banana....  Necco was a wonderful loving friend...
He died in July 1969 of a heat stroke... I wish you would have had a chance to a much longer life...We love you and you will always live in our heart and memories...







Snowball & Angel



Aug 7, 1970
Jul 18, 1982

Feb 25, 1969
Aug 16, 1984



Prince Mont Blanc Des Alpes"



Snowball became part of our family in August of 1969...We bought him in a kennel.  He was born Feb 25, 1969. Since he had a pedigree nobody wanted him because "he stood too high"on his little legs....he was a little white poddle who had never been trimmed and never cared for...he became mom's little boy.He was very loving.  Snowball was sick all of his life with a stomach problem...yet he lived to be almost 15 1/2 years old.....he was devastated when Angel died and never was the same.  We loved him very much.  I was crushed when I lost him.


"Princesse Angelique D'Aunis"



Angel was born August 7, 1970. She was Snowball's daughter..  Angel was daddy's little girl.  she was cute as a button and very sweet.  Her and Snowball got along very well.   Angel was so funny.  She tried to "hike her leg" like Snowball  but couldn't....instead she would stand up straight on her front paws and walk as she would "pee"...we love you and miss you little girl...









August 1984-June 19, 1999



When I met Misty in October 1984, I had no idea how much she would become part of my life, she was so good and oh so loving, and very protective.   She was truly my little girl....she was very smart and a quick learner, she loved to catch the frisbee...we used to take long walks together, everyday, and I always felt secured with her by my side.   She loved children and she loved being part of their games...For nearly 15 years she shared my life...she was my shadow, my best friend and even now, writing this, tears are filling my eyes.
Misty's little soul left this world June 19, 1999..  I will never forget when we had to say goodbye...

I love you Misty



Please visit "In Memory Of Misty" 
A special tribute and memorial to my little girl....










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