"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love in my dog's eyes"


Eye to eye-heart to heart
I love you baby
Misty and Mommy - June 1998



Thank you Ingrid 
for the beautiful globe with Misty's  picture...


We found Misty in an old barn
 on the 6th of October 1984


"I'll  never forget the first time I laid my eyes on you.  You were caught in between   the slats of that old barn, with your little head hanging down, and your little hind up in the air crying your little heart out.  You looked so scared and yet so funny!  I loved you right then - that is when you really became my little girl."  
We never found out exactly when you were born.  You were  about 5 or 6 weeks old, and you were so small we brought you  home in a shoe box.  You were a beautiful 
Border Collie,  very smart and also a quick learner.  I could teach you almost anything in a matter of just a few days.  You became a big part of my life,  just like the little girl I never had.  I spoiled you, but you were  well worth it.  You were  such a good puppy, never chewed on anything and housebroken in no time.  You  loved to play  "tuggy" and  catch frisbees.
You and I used to go for long walks until you hurt your leg and had to have surgery. On a Monday, in 1992, I came home from my ceramic class to find out that you could not walk on  four legs.  We took you to our Veterinarian and we were told that your injury would require  surgery or, most likely,  you would never be able to walk on your four legs  again.  The choice was easy, but yet it broke my heart to know that you would have to go through all that.  You did very well baby.  Daddy and I did all we could for you.  Daddy would carry you outside (you were too heavy for me) so you could use the bathroom.  You were such a good little girl during the whole ordeal.  I made  you a bed on the floor, in the living room, so you would never be alone-I even  slept on the floor, next to you, at night.
 As a puppy, nothing frightened you, but as you grew older, you became very afraid of loud noises, mainly the thunder.  You also hated fireworks. 
 You would hide in my bedroom closet, or I would sit on the floor, holding you in my arms and telling you everything was ok-mommy was with you and I loved you.
You had your very own teddy bear "Snuggle Bear" - You loved your bear and many times you would use it as a pillow, and when we went somewhere I always made sure we had "Snuggle" packed in your bag.  It became your security blanket.   You loved to lay on my bed (sometimes, even in my bed).  It was your home and you were free to be wherever you wanted to be. How can I forget you when there is always something reminding me of you.  You have been such a big part of my life, in the past fifteen years, that the memories of you are everywhere.  How I love you and miss you little girl.  I hope, that wherever you are, you know how much you mean to me.  I hope and pray that I gave you everything you needed and deserved while you were here with me on this earth.  I hope you know how much I love you.
You used to love to play in the snow.  I would make snowballs and toss them toward you, and you would try to catch them.  Most of the time, they would burst all over your face, but you didn't mind-it was part of the game.  I bought you a red coat and you loved wearing it.  I would even put the hood on your little head.  You were so good.  You loved the attention , and believe me, I loved giving it to you.  You meant so much to me.  When the snow was too deep, daddy and I would dig you up a path so you could go outside.  When I would let you back in, you would always wait inside the kitchen for me to dry your little paws.  You hated the rain, I bought you a raincoat with a little hood, but you never liked it.
There was not a thing in this world we wouldn't have done for you.   You truly were our precious little girl.



You may be gone little girl
but you will always live in my heart



Misty - hiding in the closet



Misty - with "Snuggle Bear"



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