I wish to thank everyone who has honored my little girl with these gifts and awards.
Misty has earned each one of them with her devoted love, so they belong to her and not to me. 



"To look into the eyes of a Wolf is to see your soul,
Just make sure something you want to see is there.."
--Speaker Unknown






Thank you Pam for this very special award



Thank you Sharyn for these special giftsn



Thank you Sharyn for this beautiful award



Thank you Sequita for this beautiful and special award



The Gray Wolf

Gray wolves are such beautiful creatures and are so misunderstood.
So many people hate them and would kill them if they could.
They are actually afraid of people and just want to be left alone.
They are presently endangered species and their future is unknown.
Most of the animals they hunt are injured or weak.
Deer and elk are what many of them seek.
Sometimes they howl to locate their pack.
They find each other when another howls back.
Their fur can make them withstand the harshest of weather.
They do not like to live alone and tend to stay together.
They try to avoid humans as much as they possibly can.
They mean no harm and are endangered because of man.
They live in the wild and they deserve to run free.
People need to understand them better and just let them be.

Stacy Smith





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