I wish to thank everyone who has honored my little girl with these gifts and awards.
Misty has earned each one of them with her devoted love,
 so they belong to her and not to me. 



In Memory of Celtic


As we sit together, yet apart by space and time
 may we send our love to the heavens in memory of our babies.
Let us remember how blessed we are
 to have been able to share the time we had with them.
Let us all remember that our beloved babies are God's gift to us,
gifts that He only lends us to perhaps help us become better people 
 to find love and to give love. As our flame flickers let us
 remember the circle of life always returns
and then we all will be with our beloved companions again.
  May all our precious pet companions remember us with love and wait for us.
When our time comes to cross over, please be there to guide us and comfort us
and then we will be together forever in this world and the next...
Copyright 2001 Noreen M Fitzgerald

Thank you Noreen for giving me permission to use this poem


Misty's  first award
Thank you Carole and John

Thank you DeeDee and Jessie



Thank you Lord Tumbleweed



Thank you Terri for this special award



Thank you Karryn, Garth and Taylor, for this beautiful unexpected award 



Thank you Bonnie and Cairns And Friends



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Thank you "I Love Dogs"











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