A dog has the soul of a philosopher.

"First Snow in the Smokies, TN"
November 2006-©Renee Buchanan


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Apr 24, 1993 ---- Nov 25, 2006


Luna was my first dog, I‘ve spent more than half of my life with her, she’ll always have a BIG place in my heart.
She had such a special personality, UNIQUE in every way! She had so many different antics: she was funny, serious, cuddly, wise and sweet. I miss her smile and deep eyes...we were connected... I knew she was ready to go, but it was the hardest decision ever, part of my heart went with her...
She left her pawprints on our hearts...where she’ll live on forever and a day....
I’ll always love and miss my Luna, until the day we’ll be reunited again...
Love forever,






When I woke up this morning I felt very odd
I don't know why, but I felt close to God
The sun was shining, the birds were singing
The music was soft, the bells were ringing
And puppies were romping at play
What a pleasant start of a wonderful day
I remember laying down to take a nap
I remember I had my head in her lap
I remember the sad look in her eye
I remember I had never seen her cry.
I remember I wanted to ask her why
I remember hearing her say, goodbye
I wanted to say don't cry for me
I wanted to say, just remember me
I wanted to say I remember the toys
I wanted to say I remember the joys
I wanted to say, I love you so much
I wanted to say, how I loved your touch
Oh please let me hug you
Oh please let me kiss you
Oh please let me tell you
What an angel you've been
Oh please let me thank you
for showing me him
I knew when I woke up
There would be no pain
I knew if I wanted to
I could play in the rain
I knew that I would remember
the love you gave me forever
You've taken care of me
All my life you've guarded me from trouble and strife
You've taken care of me thru good and bad
You've always stopped me from feeling sad
You've given me treats and given me care
You've told me what to expect when I got there
So please don't cry, wipe the tears from your eye
I'll look down upon you and with a woof and a sigh
I'll gather my courage and march up to God and ask Him
When you get here to give you a nod
For you were my master and you were my friend
and I'll be waiting for you at the rainbows end.
Author Unknown





I dedicate this page to Yvonne, my friend from Switzerland,
as a memorial and tribute to her beloved and dearly missed  sweet Luna.




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