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Nov. 25, 1993 ---- Aug. 4, 2000
Lhasa Apso / Shih Tzu







I had lost my dog Squirt to cancer she was 15 yrs.
She was part Pekinese and part Lhasa Apso.
I missed her so bad and figured no more as the hurt's too great and no replacement would ever take her place.
Then one day I saw an ad in the paper, Lhasa/Shi Tzu puppies for sale. So we went a hundred miles just to look, found the pups mother
didn't have enough milk and had to be taken.
I spotted this very small black and white fur ball with legs, picked him up, with tears in my eyes, it was love at first sight. We made a bed for him along side of me on the floor, he cried so hard, I took him to bed, laid him on my shoulder, some how he found my ear, sucked on it and went to sleep. This he did until he started to get teeth. Max slept very close every night until the end. Squirt never would go to the shop with me as she was tender, couldn't stand the noise of the tools or the sound I would make if something  didn't go right.  However Max would sleep through it all.  About five years ago, I took sick, was in bed for a week Max slept on my bed next to me. The only time he would leave was, to go potty.  He was not much of a lap dog, however if I should get down for some reason or another would sit on my lap and look at me with those big brown eyes trying to tell me it was ok.  Or he would get his favorite stuffed toy and lay it at my feet.  Since my retirement, he never was much over 15 ft away.  We did so many things together, it is hard now to do something without memories of having done it before.
I thought he was broke of leaving the yard, or chasing squirrels WRONG..

I was away from him no more than three minutes, when a motorist stated he had
just hit my dog. He had seen the squirrel come out of my yard but never saw the dog until too late. I rushed out in time to have him take his last breath in my arms. He was hit in the head and never suffered. 
I never knew a 70 year old man could cry so much or miss some thing so bad as I do Max.  Part of me died the day he left me.

I miss you some thing awful Max.






Pekinese / Lhasa Apso
Sept. 1978 ---- Oct. 1993



The family in 1978, was going to surprise me by giving me a replacement
dog for the one my son took when he moved into his own home.  The one they gave me was a Pekinese/Lhasa Apso. 
At the time she was only 3 months old and it seemed no one else wanted her as she was the runt of the litter.  I never cared for a small breed of dog, as I thought them to be nippy and loud.  So I rejected her for about two weeks. She took to me right away, I will never know why as I ignored her...
Well, since my family had given her to me in good faith, I finally gave her my best shot.  I learned to love that little Angel more than any other dog I ever had.  I found just how wrong I was for rejecting her those first two weeks.

Squirt was a very tender hearted dog, to raise your voice to her would have been the same as hitting her (of which I never would have done).  In fact she would not come into the shop with me, as the sound of the power tools or the noise I would make if things didn't go as planned.
Squirt would not leave the yard unless a member of the family went with her.  It was the same when we went camping or visiting some place.  All I would do is tie her up where we were at for 1/2hr. then turn her loose.  She never wondered off more than 15 or so feet.  Never once did she bite or even growl at anyone.  If children would get rough with her, she would simply go under some thing where they didn't fit and seem to laugh at them.
I was Chief of Police in this small town, I made her a car seat so she could go out on patrol with me.  She was no problem at all, in fact good P.R. as people liked her.
During her 14th yr. her hearing and eye sight was failing her.  I though I would be her eyes and if the need be, would build her a wheel chair.  I would have gladly  pushed her anyplace she would have to go, as she had given me so much love all her life, it was my turn to show her my great love.
Well, early in her 15th year, she was not feeling good at all.  My wife was going to take her to the Vet.   I kissed her goodbye as I had always done in the past, not knowing this was the final goodbye and the last time I would ever see her as, the wife called from the Vets, stating Squirt was full of cancer and had to be put to sleep.  I was in total shock  and made one of the biggest mistakes.  That was to have the Vet dispose of her remains.  It has been 7 years since and every time I go by the Vet clinic, I think of that mistake.  It is said, in ones life time, you are lucky to have had one real special pet;  I have been blessed with two.

Squirt and Max.

Max is another story.  In my eyes they were both saints. God Willing, I hope to be with both some day.
I love  and miss  the both of you very much.









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this page is dedicated to my friends Leonard & Carole,
 and their beloved Max and Squirt...




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