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"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to a man. 
Just as one wants happiness and fears pain
 just as one wants to live and not die
 so do other creatures". 
* His Holiness The Dalai Lama *








Tasha-the day she was adopted
Tasha went to Rainbow Bridge July 7, 2004




Tasha would have been 14 next month.  But tonight at 7 o'clock
she said her 'good bye' while Duncan and I sat with her.
Other than blindness and being deaf she was a strong little one.
She did little exercise these last months, but enjoyed laying in the yard on the cool grass and doing a little sunbathing.
She used to love to ride, but after losing her hearing removing her from  what she knew best became scary for her.
She never looked old, just sometime needed help up and down steps and moved slower.  The last few months she had some pee accidents... but I got used to it.
Telling you honestly I am not shocked.  I felt her slipping away this last week, and when last night she only ate a small portion of her food and tonight nothing, I told the family she was leaving us...and within that 45 minutes she went out and  peed...then sit staring towards the road.  I checked about 3 minutes later and she had moved and was laying down on her side.  I was on the phone and went out the door with Duncan following...she was heaving and her leg was jerking. I looked at that tiny face and saw her life was almost gone.  I just sat stroking her head and told her what a wonderful time she had given us.  The perfect companion.  Never did one thing wrong, never complained when things had to be done to her and never even when those pressures spiked and her eyes were as big as ping pong balls.
She accepted every animals in this house and my heart hurt for her loss but I do know she can now hear and see and damnit I hope she is getting to ride in a car again. Her favorite thing.  
I will be fine.  I am glad she is free from the things she dealt with that she surely never deserved.


In Memory of My Best Friend


I will miss you my dear friend, 
Our time together had to end. 
I had you in my life so many years, 
And in the end cried many tears.
My life will never be the same, 
The angels wanted you, I can lay no blame. 
The joy you brought me, they wanted too. 
One day they would come for you, that I knew. 

I will always cherish our love and bond, 
And try to accept that you're gone. 
In my heart you'll always stay, 
And I'll feel your love for me day by day. 

Know that you're my best friend, 
And in time my heart will mend. 
I love you so very much, 
And forever our hearts will touch.

Vicki Martin









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"Wings of Love" performed by Margi Harrell
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