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"Death robs us of our loved one
but is unable to rob us of our sweet memories of that love."
Joan Adams Burchell








Jenny went to Rainbow Bridge
December 8, 2003




Dog Heaven

I think 'dog heaven' must surely be a place where dogs can run;
No stake to tie or leash to walk - just a place to run.
They'll sleep upon a pillow-cloud by the light of a newborn star;
Food and drink and treats galore will greet them near and far.
Angel-dogs will sing to them; a canine choir sounds fun,
But, mostly I think dogs want their heaven to be a place to run.

Copyright ŠJoan Adams Burchell







The following poem was written by Joan for her faithful friend-Jenny



To Jenny



When you were young you used to run and together we would play;
Now you're content upon your mat, to watch me through the day.
You used to hear a pin drop; when I whistled you always came;
Now you cannot hear a thing - not even when I call your name.
Your pretty ears have suffered pain but you very seldom complain;
We've walked together through sun and shadow and even through the rain.
Although you cannot hear me, you listen very well;
You know when I am talking to you - it's so easy to tell.
Your eyes, your tail, your smile, your kiss, you use to answer me;
If I searched the whole world over, no dearer friend there'd be.
You never seemed to mind that there were just we two;
I used to worry that I, alone, would not be enough for you.
Now, through time, we're a great old pair - we communicate just fine;
If you feel just a little happy - the blessings have really been mine.
For the joy and comfort you've given me, I thank you, little friend;
Our angel will always watch over us - right to the rainbow's end.

Copyright-ŠJoan Adams Burchell


 I had to say my last goodbye to my dear Jenny on December 8, 2003.
She was 15-1/2.
Perhaps, someday, I will be able to write another poem about her.
Right now - my heart is breaking.











I dedicate this page to Joan
in memory of her beloved and faithful friend Jenny.









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