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"Stairway To Heaven"




This page is dedicated to my special friend, Jeanne,
and her precious pets.



My precious dogs who have added so much to my life.
I miss them all very much!




August 29, 1989-June 8, 2003


Cleo was my beautiful German Shepherd who lived a good long life despite having severe hip dysplasia. Cleo was our first dog who got to live in the house. Because she was so good, and we were around her more, my family learned to appreciate dogs on a whole new level. From then on, all of the dogs got to stay inside. Cleo was always by my side when I worked at the computer or took walks outside. I would tell her when it was time to go check the e-mail, and she would go straight to the computer and wait for me. Her other job was watching for squirrels. She loved to run along the line of trees and bark at the squirrels that were jumping from tree to tree.   







Manjo was one of 13 puppies born to my dog, Mandy. My brother's dog, Mojo, was the father of the pups. Even though his birth wasn't a planned event, Manjo turned out to be a wonderful dog. With a German Shepherd mother and English Springer Spaniel father, we weren't sure what the puppies would look like. But they were beautiful. Manjo had very black, very shiny hair. He was very calm, gentle, intelligent, and easy to train. His favorite thing was to get a good headrub! In his younger days, his favorite activity was trying to catch frogs in the pond. He used to play in the water for hours at a time.







Koko was technically my mother's dog, but we all loved her. And she loved all of us. She was a very loving dog who won over my dad's heart. Koko was very special to him.  Koko was very sweet and quiet when she was with my parents. But when she knew that it was time to go out and play with our other dogs, it was like she became another dog! She barked loudly and jumped on the gate that separates our house from the converted garage where the other dogs live. She loved playing with her dog buddies. She also loved playing with her toys and would select the ones she wanted to carry outside with her. Koko died way too early from kidney cancer. She was only 7 and 1/2.  We were all heartbroken.










Mojo was my brother's dog. After a few years, my brother moved away, and Mojo stayed with us. But he never forgot who he belonged to! He had radar and seemed to know when my brother was coming for a visit. About 15 minutes before my brother arrived, Mojo would start barking. We were amazed everytime! Mojo was a good dog, but he was obsessed with trying to get out of the yard. I guess he had an interest in knowing what was on the other side of the fence. Even though he's been gone for several years, we still have logs, rocks, and boards reinforcing the bottom of the fence. I always think of Mo and smile when I see them.









B.J. was also my brother's dog.  He was a gift to him from a friend. B.J. wasn't very smart, but he more than made up for this with his loyalty.  We had B.J. in the early years of my long, chronic illness. I used to sit on the patio a lot while the dogs ran around the yard and played.  But B.J. always stayed by me.  He just sat next to me and watched the other dogs playing. I think he knew that sometimes it's important to just be there for someone who's hurting or sick. That's a lesson we humans need to remember, too.







I bought Mandy with the first paycheck I received when I started teaching. She was a very good dog and was even in the newspaper once.  One day, I took her to the vet to get treated for worms. It was during the time (early 80's) that parvovirus had started to spread quickly in the US. A photographer from our local newspaper was there at the office to get a photo to publish with a story about the need for people to vaccinate their dogs for this. Being there in the right place at the right time,  Mandy was in the photo. Maybe, in a small way, she helped to get the word to people to take the parvo scare seriously.







Tippy had the longest life of any of our dogs. She lived for 18 years. I got her when I was 11. Someone had dropped her off at a neighbor's farm during a terrible thunderstorm. The first night that we had her, I slept on the floor next to her box with my arm inside the box. She slept the whole night on my hand. She was a very sweet dog who liked to give kisses. She had a territorial streak, though, and would chase dogs of any size away from our house.  My parents took care of Tippy and Cutie while I was away at college. When I graduated, they had some beautiful chalk drawings done of them. I still have these precious pictures hanging in my house.






Cutie was born at our neighbor's house. I was very young, and I was so excited about the puppies that I went home and typed out a little story about them on our old typewriter. Cutie used to sit and watch for my brother and I to come home on the school bus. During one period when my mother was working, we had to stay at a neighbor's house for a little while after school until my parents came home. Cutie couldn't understand why the bus was passing the house, and he would run along behind the bus until we got off. This was in the days before our yard was fenced, but luckily he never did get hurt on the road. One morning, though, my mother looked out the window and saw Cutie laying in the road. She thought he had been hit by a car so she want out with a box to pick him up. She was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was only taking a nap in the sun on the warm concrete!









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The beautiful painting "Stairway To Heaven"
is by the artist Jim Warren, 
and used with permission.
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