“The bond with a true dog
 is as lasting as the ties of this earth
 will ever be.”
Konrad Lorenz


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May 16 1993 - August 8 2007


In loving memory of our Jake who we love so much and who will forever leave paw prints on our hearts.


Jake will be greatly missed, always cherished and remembered forever.  More than just a great dog, a great being and a best friend...to the end.

The sun rises
 The rain falls from the sky
Day turns into night
Summer turns into Autumn
 Another year passes by the hands on the clock tick
 That's when we'll think of you....

Not just tail wagging, but entire body wagging...that was your specialty! You use to shake in anticipation as you waited for us to come home. Always there, beside us, your shadow followed without fail...
You are and forever will be, one amazing dog who overcame such challenging obstacles as but a pup. Such pride, strength, beauty and faithfulness.
Jake, you will live on in everything we do and say. You're a part of each of us and not a minute will go by that we don't think of you.
I hope you can feel all of the love that we each had for you. You were there before we got married, and before we even had the boys. When times were tough you could always lift us up. You've taught us so many life lessons:

1). The best things in life are free
2). Greet your loved ones at the door
 3). Never hold a grudge
4). Always be ready to play
 5). Be able to laugh at yourself
6). Take joy in the company of others
 7). Live every day as if it were the last

Back on October 26th, 1993 Dad was driving on his way to work. As he was getting onto Highway 610, he glanced over and saw something black laying in the median. As he got closer, up popped those big brown eyes of yours. He drove past at first, but just couldn't get those sad eyes out of his head (and his heart). Your tail was wagging, though you were in pain. Someone had just left you there to fend for yourself, all alone in this world. No collar, no microchip and no tags, just a 5 month old pup with no family of your own. Dad immediately called me on the phone (we weren't married yet), and asked if I could come over and pick you up and get you to the vet right away.
I was a little apprehensive at first, thinking a wounded pup may try to bite...but not you. I guess that's why Labs have the rep of being such great dogs with a good temperament! That tail just kept wagging and you were so adorable. You attempted to walk on 3 legs, but wouldn't use your back right one. The first vet, told me we should think about putting you down to end your suffering; so I knew they were quacks! I mean, anyone could clearly see how much life you had left to live and how eager you were to find a permanent home; so we walked right out of there to find a second opinion. I am so glad we did! The next vet we went to said those magic words I had been longing to hear "It would be a complete shame to put down such a beautiful, young man".
After some x-rays were done it was determined that you had a broken hip. Well, it didn't take much "negotiating" about what to do next...we knew what we would do, without question of course. Fix that hip and welcome you to our family. Now, a name...we loved the song from Pirates Of The Mississippi "Feed Jake", and so it was. You had your surgery on November 1st, 1993 and from that day on (no lie) you were jumping after frisbees and snowballs for years to come.

This was clearly the best wedding gift we could have ever given to ourselves!


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You Will Be Remembered


You will be remembered
When the flowers bloom in spring
And in the summertime remembered
In the fun that summer brings.

You will be remembered
when fall brings leaves of gold.
In the wintertime, remembered,
in the stories that are told.

And you will be remembered,
each day right from the start.
For the memories that we once shared,
forever live in my heart.

Judith Bulock Morse







This page is dedicated to Renee and her family
as a tribute and memorial to their beloved Jake..
Please visit his site
Critters.com Pet Memorials


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