Farewell Master, yet not farewell.
Where I go, ye, too, shall dwell.
I am gone before your face,
A moment's time, a little space.
When ye come where I have stepped,
Ye will wonder why ye wept.
by Edwin Arnold




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Nov 1992-August 6,  2010


My dog, Jake, was about as close to perfect as any dog has ever been. For the 17 years that he was part of our home, he brought us nothing but happiness and joy. He was truly a special dog.
Unfortunately, the first year of Jake’s life was not happy or comfortable for him. He was chained to a dog house several feet away from his owners’ house and eventually became terribly neglected. After a rainy and cold weekend in which his chain was tangled so badly that he couldn’t get into his doghouse for shelter, we convinced the owners to give him to us. Their loss was truly our gain.
Jake was extremely sweet and affectionate. He was always the perfect gentlemen with people and other dogs. He was well-behaved and never had to be corrected. He was always happy and wagged his plume-like tail often.
In 1999-2000, Jake took on a very big task. Our good friend Renée had just lost her beloved dog, Misty. She was heartbroken, and when she came to visit, Jake could sense her grief. He showered her with love and attention. He was similar to Misty in size, and they both had long, thick hair. Jake and Renée developed a special bond, and Renée discovered that she could love another dog again. When God brought a new dog, Jessie, into Renée’s life, she was ready to let him into her heart. Jake had done his job well!




When I am Gone

When I'm gone, don't cry for me.
Please smile each time you think of me.
I'm not beneath the ground you see.
Each breeze that blows is part of me.

I'm in the clouds so soft and white.
My eyes will shine in stars at night.
Don't think of me as gone for good.
I'll be around. You knew I would.

I'm watching everything you do.
I AM still sharing life with you.
No need to look both far and near.
Just listen close, I am right here.

I'm here to listen everyday
To all the things you want to say.
I've seen you cry so many tears.
Be glad we had so many years.

I'll wait until you come for me.
Our lives will be like they used to be.
We'll both be whole and free of pain,
My life with you will be back again.

Please take the love you gave to me
And give to more that are just like me.
So when I'm gone, don't cry for me.
But smile each time you think of me.

Author Unknown




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Jeanne  and I have been friends for many years.  I cherish the friendship
we share...Even though I moved to Tennessee, I hope our friendship will never fade away.
Jeanne used to take care of Misty when we would go on vacation.
All these years, Jake had never paid much attention to me, he more or less ignored me.
When Misty died, in June of 1999, my heart was broken.  I was so devastated
by the loss of my little girl that I never thought I could have another dog.
But Jake didn't see it that way.
When I returned to Jeanne for a visit, Jake was there to greet me...For some reason,
he knew exactly how I felt and how much I needed a little dog to hug and pet. 
He showered me with his love  and from then on he was my loving and caring little friend, always there for me each time I would visit. 
Jake remained my faithful and  loving friend, even after Jessie came along.
Jake helped me heal from the loss of my beautiful little companion of 15 years-my Misty.
Thanks to Jake and his love, I have a beautiful, loving and caring little friend named Jessie,
who shares my heart and love with not only Misty, but also Jake and others...
Thank you Jeanne and Jake
Love always
Renee and Jessie

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains

- Anatole France




Dear Lord, please open your gates and call St. Francis to come escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge.
Assign him to a place of honor, for he has been a faithful servant and has always done his best to please us.
Grant us the strength not to dwell on our loss. Help us remember the details of his life with the love he has shown us. And grant us the courage to honor him by sharing those memories with others.
Let him remember us as well and let him know that we will always love him. And when it's our time to pass over into your paradise, please allow him to accompany those who will bring us home.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of his companionship and for the time we've had together. And thank you, Lord, for granting us the strength to give him to you now.






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