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"Serene Place" by Thomas Kinkade


May 24, 1996- Feb.28, 2006, 2:00 p m


Ebony was given to my husband by a friend when she was 6 weeks old.  I was furious because she was a pit bull but got over it.
She was such a sweet tempered dog that no one realized she was a pit  (we never had her ears or tail clipped) so she looked like a black lab. 
She was very protective of me and John.  We live in a big house with a basement, she had her own doggy door that went out into a fenced back yard. She had access to every square inch of the house.  
Ebony became such a big part of my life.  She was always by my side through the good times and bad times and I don't know how I would have done without her.  If I was sick she would get very close and not leave my side.  She was my shadow, the best friend anyone could ever have.
She loved to ride in the car or truck and we took her everywhere.
She was by my side 24/7 and she loved John so much. She could hear his truck blocks away and would run downstairs to wait for him in the garage.
She loved teddy bears and sock monkeys out of all the many toys we had given her over a 10 year period.  (I have all her toys saved in a special drawer)
M and M candies were a no no in our house. She could hear you open a bag or bottle from outside.  I had to stop buying them.  She also loved blue cheese dressing.
We had a cat door in our front door and she loved to stick her head out  to scare anyone who rang the door bell.  It was hilarious, the neighbor across the street just loved to watch that.   However,  the mail lady was not impressed.
Such sweet and wonderful memories!!!!!!



The following poem "Goodnight Ebony",
was written especially for Ebony, by my special friend Brenda.


Goodnight Ebony

I am so heart broken to have lost my best friend,
Someone who stood beside me until the very end.
Never asking any questions or caring how I look,
Forever protecting me from any unwitting crook.

My furry friend with paws would always succeed,
Ready to nuzzle every time I was in pain or need.
Ebony you were here beside me every single day,
Through any illness and the times I needed to pray.

How fortunate I was to have such a devoted pet,
Although now in Heaven, a friend never to forget.
Those special moments we daily shared together,
Always a companion during any kind of weather.

So rest sweet Ebony, my dearest life long friend,
Too soon our lives together has come to an end.
Stay there in the peace of Rainbows Bridge now,
Goodnight Ebony .... until I too take my final bow.

Brenda Sparkman 2006
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I dedicate this page to Betty, as a memorial and tribute
to her beloved and dearly missed  sweet Ebony. 


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