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Brandi Bear
My Heart, My Soul, My Life


Brandi Bear
March 9th, 1990-May 10th, 2000



In Loving Memory Of Brandi Bear


Dear Father above in heaven,
Someone I love so dear,
Has taken flight to Rainbow Bridge,
Please greet her when she gets there.

You loaned me a precious angel,
Who became my heart and soul,
For ten short years she shared my life
I watched as she grew old.

My heart was breaking badly,
that last day she was here,
I held her close and kissed her
My heart was filled with tears.

I felt her pain, she was so sick
I prayed to you each day,
But Father, why did you have to,
Take my Brandi away?

God I loved her dearly,
She was my shining star,
She brightened every dark path
no matter near or far.

And now my baby's gone from me,
I'll see her face no more,
Until the day I step upon,
Your golden rainbow shore.

Please keep her safe and happy,
And tell her I miss her so,
Please give her hugs and kisses
From her Mommy down below.

Please tell her that I'm sorry
I couldn't take away her pain,
But tell her I sure love her
And I'll be with her again.

When my work on earth is through
I'll hold my child once more,
For Father you sent me an angel
An angel that I adore.

And when my time to leave this earth
Becomes reality,
Please send that precious angel,
To guide me home to Thee.

And when we are reunited,
at the Rainbow Bridge above,
Please Father, never keep us,
From our everlasting love.

I want to keep my Brandi,
For all eternity,
I treasure that sweet angel,
That You chose to give to me.

I may not have birthed her body,
But my soul did birth her soul,
And when you took her home with You,
You took a part of me as well.

Please Lord, tell my precious Brandi Bear
 her Mommy loves her with all of her heart and soul.

Copyright 9/19/2000 By Dot Karcher

Brandi Bear's Memorial 




Casey Bear
My Beloved Baby Boy


Casey Bear
June 26th 1992-July 29th, 1994



Ode To Casey Bear
By Dot Karcher

My darling baby Casey Bear,
I miss you more each day,
It seems the tears that flood my eyes,
Will never go away.

I found a place to hold you close,
Way out in cyberspace,
I visit you each day and night,
And kiss your baby face.

The place I found is Rainbow Bridge,
With sadness shared by friends,
And with their help and kindness,
Showed our love will never end.

If ever I have any doubts,
Of where you are, my love,
All I need to do is see
A rainbow up above.

Or stand upon a mountain,
High above a ridge,
And know that we will meet again,
At God's sweet Rainbow Bridge.

For God in His great goodness,
Would never end out bond,
So He's prepared for us to meet,
Beside a golden pond.

When it is my time to go,
And meet you up above,
Where we can find each other,
Through our never ending love.

And when our great reunion,
Becomes reality,
Together we will cross
The Bridge into eternity.

So baby, wait for mommy,
And think of me each day,
For someday I will come for you,
For God will lead the way.

Love and kisses from Mommy



Kodi Bear


KayDee's Kodiak (Kodi )Bear
June 29th 1991-May 21st 2004



To Kodi Bear
Love Mommy

Father in heaven I ask thee this day
To look out for my baby who's flown far away.
He left me alone when You called out his name
Our home is so quiet and does not feel the same
We were blessed with his presence for 13 short years
And now I am left with a heart filled with tears.
But Father I know that You have something planned
maybe A mission of mercy we can't understand.
But I know that someday when our lives here are through
I'll see all my babies gathered all around You
I know there's a place where you keep all our pets
And we all go there first before the sun sets.
To gather our fur kids, be it one or eleven
And then cross rainbow bridge through the gates into heaven.
Written by Dot Karcher Copyright 5/24/2004




Cheyenne Brandi


Cheyenne Brandi
Oct 1, 2001-Feb 4, 2006


My Dearest Angel Cheyenne, Little did I know that the day I picked you up off of the table at the flea market on Nov 4th 2001 that you would only be with me for only 5 short years and 4 of those years you would be sickly. Honey, Mommy & Daddy tried so very hard to make you all better and so did Dr. Budd. We did cure you for such a short time because the medications you had to take to cure the cryptococcus caused a large tumor to grow on your vena cava and even the surgery did not save you. God called your name angel and than he called Dr. Budd's name 6 months to the day he called you. Mommy still cries for you angel cause I love you so much and I miss you more than I have ever missed anyone in my life. You were my bright and shining star. When I held you in my arms all was right with the world. Nothing else mattered. Maybe I loved you too much. Is there such a thing as loving someone too much? You loved me just as much my angel. You were with me every minute of the day except when you were playing in the yard. When I was at the computer, you were right beside me. Your precious body was always up against my leg. When I sat on the sofa, you lay at my feet. You laid beside me in bed. We would run together on the beach. Oh Cheyenne, if you only knew how my heart aches for you. When you left, my precious angel, you took a large piece of me with you. Please don't forget Mommy? I will never forget you. I will never stop loving you and I will never stop hurting from your loss. I know you are with your beloved Dr. Budd. You loved him and he loved you. You were very special to him too baby girl. I know he will take good care of you until I come to be with you forever. Until then my beloved, rest, and play at the Rainbow Bridge. And tell Dr. Budd Mommy says thank you for trying so hard to save you, and that I miss him and love him too. But God wanted you both, why? I can not know at this time but someday maybe I will understand. God bless you my angel, Mommy will love you forever.
Love Mommy



My Soul Child


Once I had a little girl, So beautiful & Sweet
A precious soul so loving, she loved everyone she'd meet.
The day I found my baby, was a day that filled my heart,
With happiness and joy, right from the very start.

Her name is Cheyenne Brandi, A diamond pure by far,
An angel sent from heaven, My bright and shining star.
How was I to know, that she wasn't here for long?
Or that I'd have her only, five years and she's be gone.

My loving sweet fur daughter, imprinted on my heart,
Her pawprints and her memory before she did depart.
I know that she's at rainbow bridge and I'll hold her once again
But I must try to persevere and live my life till then.

But she is always with me, No matter where I go,
And my mind does always wander where the peaceful waters flow.
Until the day I hold her, never more to part,
My Angel Cheyenne Brandi, Lives deep within my heart.

Copyright Oct 1st 2006 Written by Dot









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