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Do Not Mourn My Passing

Do not mourn my passing for if you could only see
by slipping all my earthly bonds, I'm young again and free.
By day I run the Heavenly fields, my body healthy and strong
At night I sleep at Angels' Feet, lulled by Celestial Song.
So do not mourn my passing, just close your eyes - you'll see
I'm once again that frisky pup, just as you remember me.
(Author Unknown)


5/12/1990 - 5/29-2002




 You were the Commander's little girl.  You slept on his
pillow and followed him everywhere.  You were a wonderful mommie to all the babies you had, and loved all the other dogs here.  I hope you will forgive me for ending your precious life when I did.  But you were so sick and I didn't want to see you in pain.  And right till the end you were wagging your tail and kissing me. 
In all your 12 years you were never sick.  I know now you are with your soulmate Frostie and are once again together and the two of you are happy.
But I miss you so badly and there will always be a special place in my heart for you. Your children, Shalimar, Admiral and Moonlite also miss you, but they know one day they will see their mommie again. 
With tears in my heart and a broken heart I say I love you my sweet angel.




Shalimar Hope
May 8, 1995 - May 6, 2003



Shalimar Hope

My sweet angel, I named you after my favorite perfume and the name fit you well.  You were always my precious angel.  you had 4 litters in your life and you were a great mother.  You always greeted me with your tail wagging and a kiss.  And you loved all the other dogs here.
My angel,  I miss giving you the tiny bone shaped niggets in the dog food.  Every morning you would just sit there as I got all the bowls filled and I would take 5 bones out and put them in your mouth, then you would go to a dog bed and eat them.  Shalimar my heart is still breaking I miss you so much.  But now you are with your mommie Snowie and your daddy Benji.  Your brother Admiral and half sister Moonlite miss you so much. 
Until I can hold you in my arms remember Mommie loved you so much.
Mommie and the Commander.




Moonlite Lady
June 20, 1992 - Sept 14, 2003



Moonlite died on her daddy's birthday 2 years ago...
since then he doesn't celebrate it.


Moonlite Lady

My precious 3 1/2 lb bundle of joy.  When I brought you into this world, the song "Moonlite Lady" was playing on my tape recorder and I looked at you and said "You will be my Moonlite Lady".
My precious baby, 2 years ago, we had to have one of your eyes
removed and after that operation, you started having stomach problems, but even when you got sick, you didn't show it.
Then in the last 6 months, you lost almost all your sight in your other eye and still loved life.
For over 11 years, you brought the Commander and I only joy and happiness.  You spent your mornings staying close to the Commander till he left for work, then you would bark at the bedroom door to wake me up.  I will miss that so my precious baby as will the Commander not having his little girl with him.
No one will ever take your place in our hearts.  God took you very fast and you didn't suffer.  Now, you are in Rainbow Bridge with your mommie Snowie, daddy Frostie and your half sister, Shalimar.  Till we can hold you in our arms again, remember we love you.
Mommie and the Commander







Oct 24, 1985 - Oct 7, 2004




My sweet loving Suki.  15 years ago this Christmas Eve, The Commander and I walked passed a pet shop and saw you in a cage all by  yourself.  I, of all people, knew better than to buy a pet shop dog.  But you looked so sad and no way was I going to let you spend Christmas alone in a cage.  So we took you home and you gave us almost 15 years of only love and happiness.
You accepted every new dog we brought into our home with only love and caring.  We will miss you so much our sweet angel..  Until we can hold you in our arms again we give this kiss to you.
Mommie and the Commander





May 8, 1995 - Nov 12, 2004




My sweet little man, when you were born you weren't breathing and the Commander was not going to let you go.  So he worked to save your life for over 30 minutes and you came  back to us.  You loved every dog here and as new ones came in you were never jealous.
I will miss seeing you go into the kiddie pool, then going on to our bed to dry yourself.  I will miss your bright eyes.
But what I will miss most is when I got sad and was crying you were the only dog here that would come up to me and kiss away my tears and stay by my side till I stopped crying.
My beloved Admiral, you were the last of my Maltese and I miss you so much it hurts.
You were a fighter when you came into this world and you fought for a month to stay alive but your heart was too weak.  when it came the day for you to go to Rainbow Bridge the Commander held you in his arms and you gave me four kisses then you left us.  I will cherish those kisses till the day I die.
Now you are with your mommie Snowie, your daddy Benji your sister Shalimar and half sister Moonlite.  Please take care of them till we are together again

We miss you so much our beloved Admiral.
Much love
Mommie and the Commander





Dec 1, 1995 - Aug 8, 2005




My beloved princess.  You were our first Yorkie and what a sweetheart you were.
You were a mother to 40 babies over your life, you were such a good mommie.  You never did anything wrong in your life and loved all the dogs that came here after you.  I will miss you finding moles and bringing them to me as proud as a dog could be and barking at 3 AM if you saw a raccoon outback!  You loved to have your picture taken and when I put silly clothes on you, you didn't mind. I will m iss you so much, you were my Lady and no one will ever replace you in my heart.  I held you in my arms and gave you a kiss as God took you.  Your daughters Gabby and Sabrina will miss you and of course your soul mate Remmie
Until I can hold you in my arms and kiss you again.
Love you
Mommie and the Commander






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