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I got him when he was only six weeks,
Just a little ball of fur,
That's Brandon, my pekinese,
I thought he'd never quiet down for sure.

Now Brandon is 15,
I long to see him run and jump,
It's hard for him to walk and he can't see,
In my throat, I get a lump.

I hold him in my arms,
Looking into his grey muzzled face,
The little guy still has charm,
But I know he's losing the race.

I know not when the time will come,
For Brandon, my little friend,
Through the years we've shared a lot of love,
And I'll be by his side in the end.

this poem was written for Brandon by his mommy
 6 months before he
went to the bridge






February 21, 1985
August 6, 2000





Brandon, I think of you every single day.  Three days stick inside my memory most of all:

1) The first day I laid eyes on you.  You were such a cute little fur ball, I just had to have you!

2) The day I was rocking you and watching you sleep, I suddenly noticed how you had aged through the years and your muzzle had turned white around the edges.  I promised you that day that when your time came to say goodbye, I would be at your side.

3)  The day I knew our time together had come to an end and it was time to say goodbye.  That was the saddest time of my life, and I still cry even thought it's been years.  I stayed by your side just as I promised you I would.  I don't know if you know it but I held you and talked softly to you for almost a half hour after I felt your heart stop beating, and my heart  was breaking into a million pieces.

I love you Brandon and you'll always be my "baby boy" and a piece of my heart will always and forever belong to you.













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I dedicate this page to my friend Lisa
as a tribute to her beloved Brandon
Brandon's Memorial Tribute


The beautiful painting "A Day In The Park"
is the artwork of  artist
Alan  Giana
Used with written permission



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