America Stands United Against Terrorism! 

May God Bless the Heroes of September 11, 2001
and the United States military, police and fire departments
who daily put their lives on the line for all of us . 
Their strength, courage, and heroism
have shown us all why we are proud to be Americans.
"My fellow Americans, let's roll..."
President George W. Bush, November 8, 2001 




This bracelet is in memory of Spc Chin Sun Pak, age 24, 
from Oklahoma, murdered at the Pentagon on September 12. 2001.
My deepest sympathy to her family..





It seems the Towers and Flight 93
Dominate the headline news
But there were many others
Who were as painful to lose.

The men and women at the Pentagon
Who spend each and every day
Working to keep our world safe
And protect, "The American Way".

They could never have imagined
They were there, on the "front line"
In the battle to preserve the "Freedoms"
And the "Rights" of yours and mine.

In the midst of the "battle"
And beginning of the "war"
They stood, and faced the "enemy"
Did their "duty" and, so much more.

So many "heroes" in that building
That we will never, ever know
And so many acts of "bravery"
That the civil/military show.

We should all "salute" them
And bow our heads in prayer
To thank them for their sacrifice
To show them how much we care.

Del aka Abe Jones
Thank you Abe for sending me this very special poem
you can read more of Abe's poetry @



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