The Power of Freedom

I know you're celebrating
what your evil deeds have wrought
But with the devastation
something else you've also brought

For nothing is more powerful
than Americans who unite
Who put aside their differences
and for freedom fight

Each defenseless victim whose
untimely death you caused
And every fallen hero
whose brave life was lost

Has only served to strengthen
our national resolve
Each freedom-loving citizen
will surely get involved

You've galvanized our nation
into a force so strong
We'll end your reign of terror
although the fight is long

For every heart that's broken
ten million will stand tall
and every tear that's falling
is the mortar for it all

And when this war is over
one thing I know is sure
Our country will be greater
and our freedom will endure

Written by: "Diana Hoffman"
Thank you for giving me permission to use this beautiful poem

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This candle burns in memory of  Patricia Statz..
 murdered at the Pentagon-September 11, 2001
My heartfelt sympathy to her family
If you want to light a candle click on the URL  below



This plaque is displayed as a memorial to Lee Burford,
age 23, murdered at the Pentagon, September 11, 2001
My heartfelt sympathy to his family 


Faithful Partner Of Port Authority Police Officer  David Lim
who perished in the collapsed of The World Trade Center

September 11, 2001



Cherish Freedom

Because I am an American,
I know the sounds of freedom.
From songs and words of adoration and praise
to harsh criticism spewn out in anger,
I know every sound and I am free to listen, to tune out,
to speak up or be silent.

Because I am an American,
I know the sights of  freedom.
From the glitter of a holiday parade
to a handmade protester's sign, 
I know every sight and I am free to observe , 
to ignore, to show myself, or be hidden

Because I am am and American,
I know the feeling of freedom--
the joy, the excitement, the fever, the agony,
the anger, the quiver, the swell, the thrill, the pride.

Because I am an American'
I have no bounds.
I can soar as high as I have the strength and the will to soar.
I can create or do nothing.
 I can be anything I want to be.
 I can be me.
I can be.


Copyright  1982 by Alice Joyce Davidson
From the book "Because I Love You"




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