Will You Be My Friend


I wish you lived near by, 
so I could come and play with you, 
I'm a lonely little guy
I need more friends like you..

I stole socks from my dad, 
and teddy bears from mom, 
Oh boy I better hide, 
the bears were a nono!!! 

Now that I'm all grown up
Those bad  things I do no more
I'm the perfect little boy
My mom and dad were looking for!

By the way, my name's Jessie, 
my aunt Karryn calls me "Sweet Boy", 
I'll be your friend if you need me, 
just give me a holler... 

A poet I am not, 
and neither is my mom, (lol)
I'm just trying to make you smile, 
'til we meet again on line 

your friend 
Jessie-- "Sweet Boy" in Ohio
(written for me by my mommy..LOL)


My friends....
thank you for loving me and for being my friends!!!!!!

My mommy said we could  play together
but when we are through,
we have to put all the toys back in the chest..

we may even get ice cream and cookies!!!!



Nikki was adopted from a shelter 
by Rick and Sherri (my son and daughter in law) November 25, 2002
She lives with her family in Tennessee

This is little Gidget who was also
 adopted from a shelter in December 2002
 by Rick and Sherri...
She also lives in Tennessee with her family...
Nikki and Gidget are part of our family...

This is Misty
She is my girl friend
Sorry ladies I am spoken for!!!!
(What can I say!!!)
She lives in Sweden with her mom-
our very special friend Lisa...


This is Casey..
He is all ready to play baseball.....

He lives with my "aunt" Ronnie in Texas




This is Duncan..
He is one of my "aunt" Karryn's
 little boy...they live in Ohio..


This is Gabby who was adopted 
by my "aunt" Sharyn...she is a very 
lucky little girl..
they both live in Ohio



Joy is my "aunt" Karryn's girl
they live in Ohio

Meshia, Chelsey and Chloe 
are Bonnie's girls (aren't they cute)
They live in Ohio
(Chloe is  also my girlfriend..
 it's a secret!!!!)

Max is Anne's boy
they live in Massachusets


Kizzy is our friend Vickie's puppy girl.
They live in  Ohio



Sydney is 7 Weeks old. He is our friend 
Barb's little Aussie boy..they live in Canada


Zach is our friend Sue's boy..
He is quite a dog...lol
They live in Illinois



Ithalique , Beau and Clancy
are our friend Noreen's little boys..
What a lovely trio!
They all live in New Jersey with their
happy mommy...


These two little girls are
 Marin and Hanna
Their mommy is Emi and they live in Japan
(Marin and Jessie share the same birthdate)



Sam is Anne's other boy .  
He lives in Massachusets with his mommy
 and his brother Max.








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