Take one puppy, roll and play until lightly pampered,
then add the following ingredients.....
1 cup patience....
1 cup understanding....
1 pinch correction....
1 cup hard work....
2 cups praise and 1 1/2 cups fun
Blend well.
Heat with warmth of your heart until raised or until
puppy has doubled in size.
Mix with owner until consistency is such that owner
and puppy are one.


More of my friends....
thank you for loving me and for being my friends!!!!!!


Garth is my "aunt Karryn's big boy...
they live in Ohio

And this is Taylor....
she is my "aunt" Karryn's big girl...
of course she too lives in Ohio




These beautiful girls are a big part
of Yvonne's life...
They live in Switzerland


These are Pumba and RJ...
they belong to our friend Sandie.
They live in Maryland



This is Rascal,  he is my friend
Trish's little boy. They live in North Carolina.

These two little boys are
Diarmid and Alexander...
Their mommy is Laurie and they live in Ohio



This is Kahn..
he is my "aunt" Karryn little boy
they live in Ohio




This is Ali...."aunt" Karryn's little girl..
they live in Ohio

This is Zygee...she belongs to my friend
Sharon...they live in Canada


These are the Three Musketeers.....
Whitney, Derek and Bandit..
Sharon is their mommy
and they also live in Canada

This handsome boy is Magnum.....
his mom is my friend Sharon....
 they live in Canada

This is my buddy Jake
He is my dear friend Jeanne's boy

Suzie is also Jeanne's girl


This is Shiloh...another one of Jeanne's girl



And this little girl is Molly..
Jake, Suzie, Shiloh and Molly all belong to our dear friend Jeanne.
they all live in Hamilton, Ohio-just like us..



This is Zach, Katy's little boy-they live in Georgia


Gretchen is Katy's little girl, they live in Georgia


This is Missy, Katy's other little girl...they live in Georgia








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