This is the birthday cake my mommy and daddy had made for me
It looks so good...and it was goooooooooood... you should have been here....


See... I told you it was good cake!!!


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."


Letter to Jessie from Aunt Karryn



Just wanted to stop by sweet boy and wish you the happiest Birthday ever, well its your first one so I guess that wish will be true..
  I bet that cake is lovely.. you sweet boy have a real blast and enjoy... you are loved by those who count dear one... and that's what it's about...
Your are a special wonderful and handsome little man and will always have a big space in my heart and sisters.. 
Have a great time at your party , we will see your pictures .
love you....lots....
happy birthday special sweet boy.. always, love you, 
aunt karryn....


Thank you Aunt Karryn and Aunt Sharyn..
You have been so nice to me from the very beginning of my new life with my new mommy and daddy..
I love you very much


Dear Jessie,
We would all like to wish you a Happy Birthday, the first birthday is the best!  Lots of toys, hugs and
kisses.  We wish you many many more. Come visit us ! 
 Thank you  Chelsey, Meshia, Chloe and your mommy Bonnie for my Beautiful birthday card...It was  so nice  of you...



Thank you Anita for this lovely birthday card...







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