Jessie is so good...
He would do anything for attention..


This poem was written especially for Jessie on his first Birthday
by my dear friend Noreen
Thank you Noreen and Mac


Dedicated to Jessie on his First Birthday

It’s your first birthday my beloved Jessie,
so let the celebrations begin!
Bring on the gifts and don't forget the treats.
You are my precious baby boy!

Watching you makes me contemplate
about a life, I want to imitate.
You don't judge me, you don't complain.
You love me just for me.

Loyalty and dedication
are the gifts you give to me.
Tender loving care and all my love are
the gifts I give to you!!

Noreen and Mac Fitzgerald




Thank you Auntie Ronnie, Uncle Bob and Casey for my 
beautiful card...I love you all



This is such a beautiful birthday card...Thank you Aunt Dee Dee


Thank you Noreen and Mac for my beautiful card, 
and  for the very special poem you wrote just for me..
  It means a lot to my mommy and me 


Boris "N" KaCee...thank you for this very special birthday card-
thanks also to your mommy Sharyn 


A very special thank you to all
  for this  precious birthday card...I love teddy bears..






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